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The recent town of Pythagorio, Aegean’s most beautiful town, demonstrates that there may be harmony and balance between natural beauty, good climate, archaeological sites, and the intense life, entertainment and cosmopolitan environment. Pythagorio is the best choice for holidays in Greece.

Explore Pythagorio and the surrounding areas on foot or by bike. Visit other small coastal settlements and traditional villages, in preference by vehicles.
In all possible combinations to meet your every need, whether you're on foot or in a vehicle, in a few minutes you can dive in a pebble beach or make sand castles with your kids.
Eupalinus Tunnel
Eupalinus Tunnel is a tunnel of 1036 meters near Pythagorion of Samos, which was built in the 6th century BC to be used as an aqueduct. The highlight was that was opened simultaneously on both sides of the mountain: this trench was edged, as described by Herodotus, thanks to whom it became well known. The two tunnels met about midway with an admirable precision, something that was a truly important technological achievement for its time. A part of the trench is now open to visitors.
-Museum Tower Lycurgus Logothetis
The Museum is located on the hill of the Castle of Pythagorio, who dominates on the western part of the city. Housed in the Tower of Lycurgus Logothetis, one of the most important monuments of Pythagorio, related to the Byzantine and modern history of the island. The permanent exhibition organized on the inside of the tower includes archaeological finds from excavations carried out at the Castle, and in other Byzantine sites and monuments of Pythagorio (architectural, utilitarian pottery, small items, coins, lead seals, etc.), visual and audiovisual material (informational texts-signs, photographs, drawings, reproductions, maps, engravings, documents, touch screen, projection room). The six modules in this report cover a wide range of information about the island's history from late antiquity to the 19th century. They deal, among other things, with daily life during the Byzantine period, the history of the Castle and the impression that this caused to foreign travelers, the action of Lycurgus Logothetis, the fortress-like architecture in the Aegean and Samos. The museum opened in the summer of 2010.
-Holy Monastery of Panagia Spiliani
The cave-pit (cave church). The dimensions of the trench are 120 x 36m, its depth 8.5 m, and it is located at an altitude of 109m.It was investigated for the first time by I Petrocheilos.

Descending the stairs, if you look right and left you will observe the technical cutting of the stone. Deeper you observe the columns left to support the roof. The stalactites are minimal.
Probably, here was also housed the rumored Oracle of Sibyl FYTO in 600-500 BC The Oracle had guessed also the transition of the philosopher Pythagoras in southern Italy and his evolution.
Is also known to have been used as a pre-Christian worship place.
-Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio Samos.

It would be a shame if the visitor who arrives at Pythagorio does not pay a visit to the archaeological museum, which opened in 2010 and is gaining more and more interest, mainly by foreign visitors. On the bright ground floor lies the history of the ancient city of Samos. The marble plaque at the entrance, according to which the municipality of Samos was handing out free wheat to the people, which actually wa being bought from a statutory dedicated fund, worth your attention. As for the capital of the fund, it came from subscriptions of affluent citizens.
The intensive work of young archaeologists who did impressions, and the workers who continued in spite of the heat to work under the hot sun, was the reason to get into the Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion, one of the most modern museums in the country. Duplex with a huge yard, is one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the city, with visible residues, many of which even survived at an impressive height, and distract every passerby who has set as a target to go on foot to Eupalinus Tunnel, and every driver from the hundreds who pass every day by there.
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